Free VPN Extension For Chrome That Can Help You In Doing Safe Browsing

Do you want to be tracked on the net? If not then you have to use a VPN for chrome that will help you in getting rid of the problem of being tracked by anyone either that is site owner or your mobile operator company. Most of the business uses VPN extension so that they can work securely without sharing any personal information on the net. If you don’t use it then you may face many problems like sharing of data on net that can later cause a problem.

What are the top free VPN for chrome?

Many people don’t know that they can get VPN for free without spending any amount but for that, you must know their names and uses then this will help you in choosing the right one that offers good features that you will not get anywhere else.

The lists of top rates of free VPN are as follows-


  • TouchVPN– with the help of this VPN you can get full encrypted service that allows you to protect the data and let you access all restricted sites that you may not open if you do not use VPN. Here you will get many additional benefits like good connection speed, status of block, protect you from all malware and cookies that can save your information.
  • Free VPN– this is the most popular type of extension that most of the people use for their work. Professional worker uses paid version but if you are working on a small level and don’t want to share any information while browsing then you can use it easily. Here also you will get many benefits like block all unnecessary things, let you access a huge number of sites and improve performance issues.
  • Pure VPN– if you want to get a good VPN that you can use for chrome then you can use it as this is the fastest one that will help you in getting desired information in a short period of time.

Hence VPN will help you in doing safe browsing. If you want to get more information about free VPN then you can visit