It is possible to hack a facebook password with the right software

Facebook is the most open social networking site in the world.  You can see the personal details of users if you connect with them. Facebook has a record of  750 million users. From a Harvard project of few students turning into a global hit. This is why hackers target Facebook. Not only because of famous users. But also the information associated. Because of this. Facebook is working every day to secure this information. Facebook without a doubt is the leading app people download on all platforms.  May it be in iOS or Android. Not capable of paying thousands of dollars to hire a hacker.

Top 9 Hacking methods to hack another user’s Facebook account

  1. Phishing – Phishing attacks. A hacker will create a fake login page. This page looks the same as Facebook. Then asks the victim to login into the page given.
  2. Keylogging – A keylogger is a small program. This program is being installed on the victim’s computer. This will record all the victim types on their computer.
  3. Stealers – This is software used by the hacker to capture the saved passwords. These passwords are being stored in the victim’s browser.
  4. Session Hijacking – A hacker steals the victim’s browser cookies.
  5. Sidejacking With Firesheep – Firesheep only works on wifi. If the victim and the hacker are using the same wifi connection.
  6. Mobile Phone Hacking – Hackers use mobile hacking software. This is only possible if the hacker has access to the user’s phone.
  7. DNS Spoofing – If the victim and the hacker are on the same network. The hacker can hack the victim’s personal details.
  8. USB Hacking – The hacker inserts a USB program. This program has a function to extract the saved passwords.
  9. Man In The Middle Attacks – If the hacker is on the same LAN and on a switch based network with the user.

The proven software to work in hacking Facebook passwords

All social networks use their own measures to prevent hackers. But with modern parameters for security. The algorithm is being adapted. A new breed of hacking tools proves to be working to hack Facebook. These facebook hack software will give you access to the user’s personal account. You will get all the information you need. All details are confidential to the user.  Your identity will remain hidden while using the software. This software will only stop working once the user changes the password.