A Guide To Hair Growth Products

Having a lustrous mane isn’t everyone’s thing. People tend to have various hair problems and not knowing what to do is one of them. Hair is literally the crowning glory and it kind of defines your physicality. Hair is of many kinds and each needs different kind of care to maintain and sustain. Long, short, straight, curly, spiked, coloured or braided hair, all need care. The scalp and the roots are to be grime free and frequent use of harsh chemicals and blow dryers ruin the hair follicles. Keeping the hair routine simple and normal will keep your hair long lasting.

People have turned to hair growth products.

Reasons to use hair growth products:

Both men and women tend to lose hair on daily basis, but men go bald and loss of hair becomes evident as age advances. There are various reasons for this, such as

  • Hereditary factors, when balding runs in the family especially men, which may begin at a young age.
  • Alopecia is also one of the reasons.
  • Pregnancy and delivery in women are the times when hormonal changes affect hair fall.
  • Radiation and chemotherapy
  • Use of steroids
  • Harsh chemicals such as dyes, shampoos, conditioners, gels, hairsprays etc.
  • Blow drying, frequent washing of hair and constant combing.
  • Water, stress and food intake also affect and cause hair fall.

There are several other factors but the main ones point that

  • If you lead a stress free life
  • Exercising regularly
  • If have a balanced diet
  • Have enough water intake
  • Keeping your scalp clean
  • Using mild cleaning agents for wash

Will help in keeping your hair health in good condition and there will good growth, less hair fall and prevents premature greying and balding.

There are many natural products in the market that can be used or you could use home made products to keep your hair shiny and supple.

The consumption vitamin E rich fruits and veggies or tablets.

  • Application of aloe Vera or egg or curd prevent dandruff and make the hair shiny.
  • Using coconut oil or olive oil etc. to massage the scalp.
  • Application of henna to bring colour and texture to the hair.

There are readymade products in the market to choose from shampoos, hair masks, hair oils, hair conditioners, tablets, lights for hair growth etc. these products contain natural products such as caffeine, tea tree oils, pea sprouts to cranberry and tangerine used in aromatherapy.

These products have given people options to get their back into shape as naturally as possible without further damage. Check this site africanamericanhairstyles.org.Hair tend to break easily, combing roughly or trying various hairstyles and constant stress along with exposure to sun, sweat and dust aggravate the hair fall. Many people complain of thin and limp hair, to get thick mop of hair you will have to give the body good nourishment and give your hair a break from all the harsh chemicals.