How is Keyword Performance Analysis Done?

For any Search Engine Optimization consulting company, Keyword performance analysis can be a tough task. More than this, it can be an important task too as it does makes for an integral part for search engine optimization. Why it is so important is the fact that the top search engine ranking is based upon keywords. This is because of that fact that anyone who is looking for a certain company or product, first types in the name of it and not the image. So, the keyword is analyzed from time to time and if any keyword is not working well, it is changed for a better one.

Keyword Research and Selection

One of the best ways of keyword performance analysis is choosing the correct keyword in the first place. That means looking for those keywords which are searched for more and more. Other way, this means if you put is a keyword which no one looks into or searches for a lesser time, then there is no way one will ever reach for your website. So, the best option is look put the most sought after keyword.

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This can be determined by the ranking of the keyword. The Rank of any keyword works closely with how many times a particular website has been searched for. Once this is done a detailed Keyword Status Report is looked into to know the exact status of a particular keyword. The Keyword Status Report generally looks into factors like ranking of the keyword on first, second and third pages of search engine; positions that a keyword has climbed or dropped, current rank of the keyword, ranking of a keyword as compared to competitors and overall trend of a keyword over a period of time.

DON’T run after the Best One

The first and foremost thing you need to do is – do not run after a company which proclaims that it is the best. Simply because a certain company has been there for a long time on the Google web-listing, doesn’t mean that it is the best. There are ways to find the best york pa seo. Whenever you chose a company, ask for its work or its client lists. Go to its client’s websites, read on the pages and click on the in-bound links. If necessary call them and ask if they are happy with the work. After all, this count on their competitors and then decide.