Best brand:

There are many brands that claim to be of top class quality and that their products are the best in the whole world but when it comes to prove the point, they all fail miserably due to the working conditions of these appliances. But there is one brand that has stayed its ground and that belongs to the Bashir Dawood range of appliances and also is quite well liked and you can find many loyal customers of the brand. They are available both in the region of Pakistan and several countries in the Middle East.

Brand motto:

The brand has been giving the stiffest competition to many other brands in the area but with more than 750 franchisees, this has proved to be one of high quality and in the best of technical superiority. Their motto is easy to understand as it is committed to the value and they value their customers. They are reliable and very open with the customers. They also serve the society in many ways.

Bashir Dawood

Superior quality:

The brand is dedicated to the needs of the home makers and providing some ease and convenience to the person working in the kitchen is well taken care of. With reliable customer support, they excel in their features.

Appliances line:

The Bashir Dawood deals with household appliances or in other words white goods such as washing machines, chest and vertical freezers, air conditions, microwaves and many other important and essential appliances in any home.