The extraordinary series of exercises originally invented by a native of Monchengladbach in Germany, way back in the 1920s, has now conquered the world. Pilates, created by Joseph Hubertus Pilates, is now a clinical medical treatment available at some of the finest centers of the City of Singapore. Perhaps the best of them, known for the superb results of their treatment, are BREATHE PILATES, situated in the heart of the City. In fact, a whole bevy of such treatment centers, which administer clinical Pilates Singapore to a vast host of needy patients, have sprung up, to make Singapore a world focus for this scientific art.


The basic concept of Pilates is to use specifically designed and adapted exercises and props in order to maximize body control and breathing power. This comes with extreme flexibility of the joints, and creates strength over all essential areas of the body. Healthy longevity is the objective of Pilates. Clinical Pilates is administered in hospitals, nursing homes and treatment centers to patients have defects and diseases which can be overcome by Pilates.



The main benefits of clinical Pilates Singapore are:

  • It is low-impact exercise, and suits almost everyone.
  • It creates flexibility in joints and muscles.
  • Pilates emphasizes postural alignment.
  • Core strength is heightened over time.
  • Muscle balance is another important benefit of this procedure.
  • Endurance is improved imperceptively, but surely.


Singapore’s innovative physical therapists have broken through all barriers to make Pilates a central clinical treatment procedure for most affected patients.