Do You Know About The Various Beneficial Properties Of Tea Tree Oil?

Have you heard about the tea tree oil? Have you ever used to treat any dermatological problems? Tea tree oil is oil that is derived from the tree called as Ti or Tea tree. It is in no way related to the ordinary tea that we drink but the name of tea tree just stuck on. It is being used mainly in the cosmetic industry by many world famous companies. The oil forms an important place in the herbal cures. The oil is slightly camphoraceous in odour. It has a cool and slightly effervescent nature. The smell can be refreshing if inhaled. However, the oil is not fit for oral consumption. It can cause irritation or vomiting if consumed. So, proper care has to be exercised while handling this oil. Having said that it is slightly poisonous for oral consumption, it has many beneficial properties for topical treatments. It is strongly anti-microbial in nature. So, it can be used to treat a number of microbial infections and problems like eczema, dandruff etc. In fact, it is being widely used in Anti-Dandruff shampoos, worldwide. As it is herbal in nature, it can also be used for kids and elders alike. The main point to be noted here is that, it should not be ingested, even accidentally.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil Treats A Number Of Dermatological Problems

Dandruff is the dead cells and scalp cells in the skull which is caused by the microbes. Dry and moist scalp provides an excellent ground for microbial breeding and that is why it is beneficial to wash your hair with the warm water interlaced with tea tree oil, every now and then. The strong anti-microbial properties of the tea tree oil can save the scalp from getting infected. Moreover, the oil can keep the scalp free from microbes and form a protective layer. For this reason, it can also treat fungal infections. Fungus also grows in moist and warm conditions. As our under arm pits, crotch area and pubic area has these conditions, it is more prone to the fungal attacks. Tea tree oil can be used for the treatment of these dermatological problems. In fact, it can even be used to treat body odour. The camphoraceous smell of the oil can help in giving a peasant smell for the person using this oil. These are not all the good properties of the oil and in fact the tea tree oil secrets are still being found out by various medical fraternities.