Try to correct the mistakes if you want to easily get started with the spirit.

The loyal efforts and congregation of the prayers can be identified with the corruption of the pastors. The determination can be restrengthened to know about the pledge which is made for the homeless. If you want to hear the voice from heaven then you can start the life out of faith. You can easily get started with the  Korean Jesus spirit if you try to correct the mistakes. The command of the heavens should be followed in the temples as the letters can be urged for the purpose of repentance. The events in the entire book of revolution can be experienced and fulfilled by receiving the open word.

Offer the languages and nations:

It is possible to testify the word which you have received only if you are able to identify the reality. If you want to know about the promised pastor then you can feel free to visit our website. The reality of the light and love can be illuminated based on the promises as the candle gives light when it melts. You can try to know about the grace and peace forever then you should find out the head of the Kingdom for Korean Jesus.

Foundation of the Christ will completely depend upon the commands of scripture.

The languages and nations which are offered to the god will hell you to participate in the god’s kingdom. Eternal gratitude is offered to god for his grace according to his promise. The entire world can be found in the promised kingdom to create things according to god. If you want to contact us then you can simply fill out the form which is available on our website.

Know about the introduction to shincheonji:

You can just visit our website if you are very much interested to know about the shincheonji news. The promised pastor will help you to know about the different tribes with the theology and temples. You can easily know about the introduction to shincheonji based on the testimony of the temple. The fulfilment of the revelation can be testified when you learn more about the messenger of Jesus. The Christian mission centre will help you to learn the exact thoughts of shincheonji. The structure of heaven is built Accordingly with the temples which are promised in the Bible. The commands of the scripture will always be based on the foundations of the religious groups in South Korea. You can try to engage in different sectors with the information provided on our website.