How To Find The Best Kydex Holster

With the world taking a step towards sustainability, leather holsters do not sound like the ideal option to choose. If one’s old leather holster is worn out and the thought of investing money in a leather holster just for it to wear out again is infuriating, then a kydex holster is the way to go. To find the best kydex holster, one must know about kydex.

What is kydex?

Kydex is an acrylic-polyvinyl chloride composite material that derives its stiffness and elasticity from acrylic, while toughness, smooth finish, and chemical resistance come from polyvinyl chloride. Kydex is a material that has been in use since the mid-60s, which was originally composed to be used for aircraft interiors. Since then, it has been put to use in many industries ranging from auto body parts, safety helmets, and insulators to trays and telescope bodies. The main area of interest for the firearms community is its adaptation as a material for knife sheaths and holsters.

Benefits of a kydex holster

Kydex might not be as aesthetically pleasing as a leather holster, but its benefits make up for the lack of aesthetics. If a firearms user values functionality more than design, then a kydex holster may be the best option available. The benefits of the best kydex holster include:

  • Waterproof- Since kydex is a synthetically developed material, it has also been developed to be waterproof. Unlike leather holsters, kydex holsters do not wear down after coming in contact with water.
  • Rigidity along with flexibility- Since kydex holsters are developed using heat, it retains any shape in all its stiffness. However, the purpose of a holster is to carry guns. Hence total stiffness might not be ideal in a life-death situation. Thus the holsters are also made slightly flexible.
  • Retention- A good kydex holster keeps the weapon inside secure as well. Since it can be shaped in the form of a pistol, its retention tends to be good. Kydex holsters also have sweat guards developed on the slide to keep it clean and sweat-free, as well as maintain the holster’s grip on the firearm.
  • Abrasion-resistant- The rigid structure of a kydex holster along with its water-resistance properties, prevents it from wearing down.

The switch from a leather holster to a kydex one can be uncomfortable in the beginning, but if you find one which is perfectly suited for your pistol, you need not worry about its benefits.