How can we face flood more intelligently?

Floods are the natural phenomenon that causes more personal and material damage in many countries for both us, animals and the environment. Would you know how to face a flood? We emphasize preventive measures and recommendations to avoid certain risks in case of a flood. Click here to know about Flood damage Tampa.

Flood damage TampaPrevention measures

Before flood occurs, there are some recommendations that you can implement:

  • If you live in a flood zone, place valuables, documents and toxic products away from the ground. Visit this site to know about Flood damage Tampa.
  • Check the roof and downspouts. Make sure they are clean to allow water to pass through.
  • Have your medications at hand, a flashlight, batteries and bottled water.
  • Teach your children how to call emergency number and set a meeting place in case there is a flood.

Self-Protection Measures

If you are facing a flood, it is very convenient to know some measures.

  • Try to be aware of the news through the media.
  • If your house gets flooded, disconnect the electric power. Do not go down to the basement.
  • If you have to travel, choose main roads -If you are in the car and the water starts to enter, leave the car and get as high as possible.
  • Get away from the rivers and do not go through lakes.
  • Upon returning home (if you have been evacuated) check the conditions before entering. Do not light fire in electricity.
  • Follow the advicefrom the experts and try to be calm.

Other recommendations

  • Do not throw garbage in the street at times when it will not be collected by the cleaning companies. These bags can tear and with the downpours the rubbish clog the sewer.
  • Make proper management of rainwater and sewage in your home and at the community level.
  • Check the obstructions on the wells, sinks and other structures that prevent the drainage of rainwater, as well as the level increase in the sewers.
  • If you live in areas near rivers or streams, be aware of the alerts declared by the authorities and plan how you will protect your family and property.
  • Verify that the connections for sewage conduction are not leaked.
  • In case of flooding, disconnect the electrical appliances, lower the light plugs, close the water and gas stopcocks. Any case of any emergency situation, it is important to immediately inform the authorities.