Why Many Are Addicted In Playing PUBG

Player Unknown Battle Ground or popularly known as PUBG is a type of game that would make you want to think about the hunger games + purge + predator movies combined It’s an online game, it starts with a hundred players, the battle is always on an island that is surrounded by buildings, trees, hills, bridges, grasslands, and water. There are various accessories and weapons that are scattered in the entire island that players can pick up and use to defend themselves and hunt for their targets.

The game doesn’t have a grand story, nor give a reason why a hundred people are stuck in an island to kill each other. There’s no such thing, you just simply go out there and kill or be killed. While that might seem pointless which it is, it’s actually really really really fun and enjoyable in a very high level. Why? You’re about to find out.

Stunning graphics: The first thing that you will notice in this game is the graphics. It’s beautiful, its stunning and it makes the game really really desirable to play in. Its very detailed and you can really tell that the game developers did put in some good work on everything like the characters, the maps and so on that makes you want to play it.

It’s exhilarating: The thought already that you got 99 players that are out for blood to kill each other on an island is exhilarating. Even if your, not the one running and shooting in real life, the graphics and the gameplay sucks you in especially if you’re in VR. The thought that at any given time someone will try to shoot you is a thought that will get you hooked, try it out, its free anyway!

It makes you want to think: In killing your enemy waiting for them to come to you is not enough, you need to be cunning, you need to think like your enemy and anticipate where they would go. Hiding doesn’t make you win, it will only be a matter of time before the game or other players will spot and kill you. In a technical sense your battling with real players that constantly think, so if you want to win you need to outsmart and outlast them.

Too many good guns to use: The game is never short of guns, from handguns to sniper rifles, you name it they have it. You can be the handgun guy that shoots enemies at long range, you can be the riffle guy that raids every home for loot, you can be the shotgun guy that just wants an easy kill or a sniper that waits for its prey.

PUBG is a very popular game that takes place on an island where a hundred players battle it out for a chicken dinner and coins. It doesn’t have any story at all but the gameplay, graphics, gun selections and customizations make this a very sought after game. Its free to play and available in both mobile and in PC platforms. Do you know what will make you enjoy the game even more? Hacks! Have an edge over the competition, try some PUBG hacks today, just click the hyperlink.