Videogames as an industry has grown in leap and bounds over the years since it first came in the market. From the days when it was played on standalone consoles to now in everyone’s pocket as apps on our tablets and phones, it has grown to a multi-billion industry, which is estimated at around USD92 billion. The improvement in graphics and digital quality sounds, faster computers have also contributed in the growth of this industry.

There are many genres of video games, like board games, multiplayer games, single player games etc. Out of these genres, the survival video games has caught the imagination of the video game playing population.

The basic premise on which these games are basedis, that its set in a very hostile environment, it’s very intense and full of action. The players have very limited tools and have to keep earning craft tools and weapons to survive. Most of the survival games are played online with many players who are allowedto interact and play together. Rarely in asurvival video game,a player is found to win the game. The main objective is to survive and last as long as they can. Some of the survival games are Fortnite, Minecraft, DayZto name a few.

Fortnite v bucks hack is known to be a highly addictive game, in which the player is pitted against 99 others in a frantic battle for survival. The battle takes place on an island where there is a frantic fight to finish the other gamers and the last one standing is the winner. The graphics is very bright and the characters are cartoon like. Each game lasts for 20 minutes, and the player has to ward off hordes of enemy monsters, build forts and defend the island.The game is made more intense in Fortnite because it’s an instant kill and game over. Unlike other games like FIFA or Rocket Leaguea player can fighthis way back, but in Fortniteone can be riding high winning the round one minute and dead the next.

Though Fortnite is a very intense gameit offers youngsters a huge number of benefits. Apart from being fun, it teaches teamwork, cooperation and sharp reflexes. There are also a lot of tactics involved in the online multiplayer which keeps their mind sharp and agile. All these benefits makes Fortnitea healthy and balance leisure time for young adolescents.

Fortnite is a survival video game, which has taken the kids of all ages, all around the world by storm. The  game is developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly. It’s a paid game and it runs on M9crosoft Windows, MacOS, PlayStation and Xbox One. It has 2 versions free Fortnite : Battle Royale The game is set on Earth.