How the Microtransactions of GTA work?

It is an outrageous video game series.   The trend of Grand Theft Auto download files has become the carrier of subsequent revelations. The first possible case for the conclusion of micro-transactions reveals potential technologies and effects that have been used in the latest edition.

The inquisitive players have drawn further interesting applications based on the files that make up Grand Theft Auto V. One deals with Grand Theft Auto Online and the potential for placing microtransactions in this title, allowing you to get an injection of virtual cash for real money.

PC GTA Vice City Download

In turn, the second discovery is related to the putative PC edition of GTA V and gives an overview of the technical layer of this version, listing the effects and technologies that we would like to experience in it (eg support for DirectX 11 and 64-bit memory).

Micro Transactions in GTA Online

The first of the above-mentioned revelations is due to one of the Reddit website users. He obtained the access to a .xml file associated with the store that can be visited from the game menu (although there is no content at the moment). Among the lines of the text, there is a mention of a bonus called “cash cards” and its short description.

Cards would be available in four variants, offering a cash injection of 100,000, 200,000, 500,000 or 1.25 million virtual dollars. Of course, this is not tantamount to officially introducing micropayments to Rockstar North’s studio work; it might as well be a kind of test mechanism. We will find out about what “cash cards” really are, after starting Grand Theft Auto Online servers – it will take place on October 1.

GTA V Graphics for PC

In turn, another user of the same site buried in the Grand Theft Auto V files in the PlayStation 3 version. He found in this way a changelog, listing the errors detected during testing the game. Entries placed there in many places refer to the technical layer and in all likelihood refer to the PC release of the game in question.

Many of them have the designation “[PC]”. The changelog contains references to the use of DirectX 11, for example, as it was previously seen in the computer versions of Max Payne 3 and L.A. Noire. GTA V on PC would also receive support for 64-bit memory.

What’s more, the register contains descriptions of errors related to the “bloom” effect, which may indicate its more abundant use than in console editions. In addition, the PC version would have textures in higher resolution.