Pre-delivery inspection for the used car

After you have done with the test drive, bargained on the price, then you will find out the best car finance deal also. Now it is time for a drive out of the used cars in Pasco from the dealer yard. But before you leave the showroom you must do some important checks for ensuring the used car is unblemished.

Pre-registration Inspection

Before you start informed the dealer that you are interested in doing a pre-registration inspection. A pre-registration check is performed in the dealer yard before the registration of your name on the car. You can also request a different unit if you notice any faults or problems in the car. Once your name is registered in the car then it is not possible to replace that unit with the dealer if any defects are found.


It is strongly suggested that you can take the delivery of the vehicle in the daytime hours. When the sunlight is fading it will become very difficult to spot changes in the shades of the color and minor faults.

Pre-Delivery inspection

Pre-delivery inspections are made at the showroom when you are taking the delivery. This time you have to make sure that everything is matching with the pre-registration checklist and you have got all the accessories which are been told to you. You can test all the features and the accessories before leaving the showroom with the used car.

used car

Take Along

You can take the camera for capturing photos of your shining car and in the case when you will notice some defects.

You can also take some of your friends or acquaintance with you as they will also point out the things which are been overlooked.

You can also take a USB/CD with you for testing the music system of the car.

It is strongly recommended to take a print copy of the checklist before the pre-delivery inspection.

Pre-delivery and pre-registration checklist

Above you, we have tried to list out some important checkpoints which you can take a look at properly before making a purchase for the used cars in Pasco.